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We keep it simple. Transport/shipping and payment of items is discussed between buyer and seller. Or alternately, listed as per request on the sale item page.

Once selected, the buyer is committed to purchasing the item at the price requested.

Feel free to email us on and we will help you come to a price conclusion.

We give back by donating part of what you’ve donated us. It’s a lovely circle. We tend to choose grass roots charities that are of course, based around environmental sustainability. As such, we are always open to suggestions – email us on if you know a charity needing help.

Once you join, $3.95 will be direct debited each month from your nominated account. As long as your account is active, you will be able to buy and sell until your heart’s content. You can cancel your membership at any point. Updates of charities donated to (derived from your membership fees) will be displayed on our Growing Groms website and social.

Absolutely not. You’re here to shop or sell, not receive emails from Suzie’s Cleaning Services.