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We’ve kept our membership price low. As in, the price of a coffee type low.
Once a paid member, that $3.95 a month will allow you to buy, sell and communicate on an unlimited basis.
A portion of all membership fees will be donated to a different environmentally sustainable charity each month… that’s the part we’re here for.


Transacting with others

Third parties (aka; us) simply get in the way. That’s why we got out of the way.
Whether you’re buying or selling, we do not take a commission, nor charge any fees during this process.
Payment methods, shipping methods and all other decisions are left between the seller and buyer.
Like Big Brother, we do have access to all communication between buyer and seller on order to confirm any discrepancies that may occur.

Other than that – Growing Groms is designed to be a simple, low cost platform to clean out cupboards and fatten wallets.